Boston Retail Partners - 2019 Unified Commerce Survey

2019 BRP Unified Commerce Survey

Download the 2019 BRP Report: Unified Commerce Survey

"87% of consumers indicate an interest in a personalized and consistent experience across channels yet only 28% of retailers currently offer a shared cart across channels. While retailers are working on updating technology, processes and the organization, they are still lagging customer expectations in many key areas." -Perry Kramer, BRP

The traditional retail model has experienced significant disruption over the last decade. This disruption is driven by new technologies putting additional information and enhanced functionality into the hands of both customers and associates. This, in turn, has increased customer expectations as they now have more shopping options than ever before with competitive pricing, greater merchandise assortments and faster delivery to get the desired product when and where it's needed. 

This makes the customer journey more complicated and varied than ever before. A unified commerce approach is needed to meet current and future customer expectations.

In the 2019 Unified Commerce Survey from BRP, you'll learn the latest on:

  • The mobilization of retail
  • The e-commerce effect
  • The changing customer experience
  • The need for unified commerce
  • The future of retail

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