2020 Customer Engagement Survey

Enabling Unified Shopping Experiences

Retailers are focused on implementing a common unified platform to deliver the required consistent, relevant shopping experiences across all channels. 

To provide today’s essential customer engagement model spanning the physical and digital environments requires a foundation that incorporates personalizationmobilization
and synchronization as we prepare for the futurization of the store.

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95% of retailers plan to have a single 

commerce platform implemented by 2023.

The ability to deliver a unified and personalized experience to the customer whenever, wherever and however they choose to shop is now table stakes for retailers. Retailers need to be able to identify the customer and gather, analyze and disseminate customer, product, pricing and inventory data instantly and seamlessly across all channels.

While delivering a seamless customer experience is the driver, technology allows customers and retailers to uniquely tailor the shopping experience. The future of retail is the convergence of the digital and physical shopping environments to engage with customers whenever, wherever and however they want. A unified commerce platform is key to enabling the shopping experience consumers expect.


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