2021 Integrated Planning Special Report

Gain insight into key integrated planning findings based on enVista’s 2021 Inventory Optimization Survey Special Report.

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Ensure Operational Resiliency

Pursuing an omnichannel inventory strategy presents the opportunity to break down organizational silos, take advantage of synergies across the enterprise and ensure the organization facilitates smart decision making and planning across all divisions. Initially, organizations must plan sales across channels and allow those forecasts to trickle down to a more granular level. This offers the ability to take advantage of synergies across business channels and potentially save capital on inventory investments.

  • Discover the top five planning and inventory management solutions implemented and working well.
  • Learn the biggest inventory priorities for retailers over the next 12 months
  • Tips on planning across channels:
    • Integrating inventory management
    • Implementing technology solutions
    • Overcoming inventory challenges
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