2021 Inventory Optimization Survey

enVista’s 2021 Inventory Optimization Survey Report offers insight from top omnichannel organizations into the priorities and initiatives necessary to optimize inventory positioning and profitability and accelerate your omnichannel transformation and competitive advantage.

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Optimize Your Inventory for Today’s Demand-Driven Supply Chain

To remain relevant in today’s environment, organizations must find innovative ways to provide value to the market and overcome omnichannel challenges in the store, online and across their network – all while ensuring profitability. Inventory optimization is a key piece of this formula as inventory is generally the single largest capital investment a company makes.

As organizations work on optimizing their inventory investments to meet customers’ rising demands, the areas of focus for omnichannel retailers, distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers in enVista’s 2021 Inventory Optimization Survey include inventory management, real-time visibility, integrated planning and advanced analytics.

In this report, you will find key omnichannel organization insights including:

  • The top inventory priorities:
    • Improve data quality used in planning (40%)
    • Improve analytics (36%)
    • Increase inventory profitability (GMROI) (34%)
  • 70% share inventory visibility with their customers
  • 28% are successfully utilizing artificial intelligence within their planning processes

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