5 Must-Know Tips for Successful Third-Party Microsoft Implementations

Real-Life Lessons From Hundreds of Successful Implementations: Gain insight from Sarah Hollinger, Senior Consultant at enVista

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Learn the 5 tips to ensure success

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third-party Microsoft implementation

A Typical Team Can Create Exceptional Results

Collaboration with third-party information technology (IT) providers can make or break a company. At best, creating a high-performing, unified team delivers robust solutions on time and within budget. Unfortunately, too many IT collaborations between end-users and third parties underdeliver, missing important milestones, which negatively impact the business and lose precious stakeholder buy-in.

Success begins when individuals accept and empower themselves and those around them. This is best driven by a focused, five-step approach. All five steps are linked with one another and require constant assessment of their quality. Learn the five most useful ways to cultivate productive Microsoft implementation vendor relationships, including:

  • Creating a purpose
  • Building trust
  • Driving cohesiveness
  • And more

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