5 Signs Your BI Environment for Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365 Needs

Today, your business needs access to the right data at the right time in a format that will allow you to make real-time business decisions. Achieving this objective requires a well-tuned BI environment. Here are five signs it might be time to fine-tune your BI environment for Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365.

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In today's environment, it is virtually impossible to find an organization that has 100% of its data residing in its Dynamics AX or D365 system.

The Microsoft BI & Analytics ecosystem has changed significantly over the last several years. From the ability to directly connect to the database with AX, to now having to access data via entities with D365. The BI & Analytics ISV’s that once dominated the market for AX are taking a backseat or simply complimenting Power BI, causing confusion for companies on what direction to take. In addition, Power BI is continuously adding more functionality and pushing the envelope of what we now can do with data. Many AX & D365 companies have several BI tools (yes, including excel) addressing different needs, such as data warehousing, visualizations, budgeting, and reporting, that could use an extra set of eyes to ensure they are on the correct BI Journey! Let enVista help you achieve success!


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