Checklist: Assessing AB701 Compliance

Ensure your business stays on track with AB701 compliance with enVista's comprehensive checklist.

From accurate record-keeping to transparent pay practices, our checklist provides a framework to ensure California businesses are in full compliance with AB701 regulations, minimizing risks and ensuring fair treatment for the workforce.

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AB701 Compliance Made Simple

AB701 focuses on transparency in pay practices and aims to bridge the gender pay gap and address wage disparities. By complying with AB701, businesses demonstrate their commitment to pay equity and fair treatment of employees, fostering a positive and inclusive work culture.

California has taken proactive measures to enforce pay transparency, and non-compliant businesses may face fines and penalties for failing to comply. By prioritizing AB701 compliance, businesses can avoid these risks and gain a competitive edge by attracting and retaining top talent who value transparency and fair compensation practices. 

Download enVista’s comprehensive checklist to help identify and address key requirements seamlessly. Fill out the form to download the checklist.

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