American Freight Optimizes Its Customer Experience with enVista and Microsoft Dynamics 365

American Freight’s COO shares the inside story on its exceptional digital transformation. 

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Discover How American Freight Leverages ERP & OMS to Optimize the Customer Experience

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american frieght case study

How American Freight Unified Commerce Across 300 Stores

American Freight, a one-stop shop for quality furniture, mattresses and appliances, experienced rapid growth after combining with Sears Outlet in 2020 – ultimately amassing more than 30 point of sale (POS) instances and 33 financial instances across hundreds of stores.

In order to unify commerce across its 300+ stores, enVista deployed Microsoft D365 to improve performance on the back end and implemented Power BI that aggregated data from both the legacy systems and new Dynamics 365 solution in order to maintain historical records.

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