Best-of-Breed WMS or ERP WMS?


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The Ongoing Debate: Best-of-Breed WMS vs. ERP WMS

The functionality gap between ERP and best-of-breed Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) is shrinking as ERP systems continue to evolve with new capabilities. While a best-of-breed WMS was the clear choice a few years ago, there is no longer a clear winner between best-of-breed and ERP systems.

In this white paper, you will learn the difference between best-of-breed WMS and ERP warehouse management systems, as well as areas of consideration including:

  • Adaptability, functionality and lifetime of each system
  • How a WMS can support warehouse automation and decrease dependency on manual labor
  • Choosing a cloud vs. on-premise vs. SaaS model in terms of time to value and volume of transactions
  • Options of complementary products like order management systems or labor management systems 

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