Best Practices in SKU Design Drive Profitability


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Best Practices in SKU Design Drive Profitability

SKU design refers to the methodologies surrounding the creation, definition, maintenance and purging of data that uniquely relates to each item for sale by your company. This data is a crucial component of your business’s ability to systematically identify, track and expose inventory to your end customers.

Proper SKU design will enable you to more easily and efficiently manage all of the items you sell. It equips your business with the intelligence and facts necessary to make informed cost and revenue savings decisions. However, many companies are constrained by antiquated and cumbersome approaches to their SKU design.

In this paper, we examine how proper SKU design lays a foundation of data management that enables your:

  • SKU relationships to scale to meet your business requirements
  • Business users to function more efficiently
  • Company to drive more profits