Ghurka Case Study


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Transcend traditional transaction based selling to deliver customer-focused commerce

Ghurka’s leading retail and revenue channel is e-commerce and one of its biggest challenges was that it was struggling to connect with crucial trading partners.

Ghurka realized that in order to strengthen its existing presence and drive more traffic to boost revenue, it was going to need to re-evaluate its current systems and determine a solution that would best fit the company’s needs.

In this case study, we will share how:

  • An Enterprise Commerce Management platform was necessary in order to combine multiple systems into one and reduce the complexity of integration within Ghurka’s business.
  • Ghurka needed to be able to differentiate order fulfillment methods and effectively manage all order and item information in real time.
  • The company effortlessly aggregated, translated and exchanged data between trading partners and integrated various business documents like invoices, orders, shipments and more into a single platform.

"enVista clearly demonstrated to us that they have the staff, technology and the know-how to grow an omni-channel business."

- Ghurka's Vice President