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Improving Customer Service with an Optimized Supply Chain

Hibbett Sports needed to develop a supply chain strategy that improved the flow of merchandise from source to consumption, while maintaining high customer service levels.

Hibbett SportsLooking at the supply chain through the eyes of their customers, Hibbett Sports worked with enVista to:

  • Create an optimal retail supply chain strategy
  • Synchronize their supply with demand
  • Improve speed to market and in-stock percentage
  • Reduce work in process inventory and safety stock


"enVista looked at our supply chain through the eyes of customer and asked the right question. For us, it was, 'How do we improve services to our stores?' At Hibbett, it is always about providing excellent service. enVista's solution enables us to create a unique customer experience and exceed our customers' expectations."

- Jeff Rosenthall, CEO & President, Hibbett Sports