Boston Retail Partners Report - Keeping Loyal Customers Happy

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Download the BRP Report: Keeping Loyal Customers Happy

63% of customers are likely to stop shopping at a retailer if they have an unsatisfactory shopping experience. So how do you retain your loyal customers and keep them happy?

Today's customers connect with brands across multiple channels, which complicates the process of recognizing, servicing, and rewarding loyal customers. Customers expect engaging and relevant interactions and conversations across any and all channels, however, they don't have the tolerance for complicated processes. Customers want and expect personalization and if they are treated well, they will reward the retailer through additional purchases. 

In this latest report from Boston Retail Partners, you'll learn:

  • How to identify your "most valuable" customers
  • Where to focus your personalization efforts 
  • Which demographics are most open to data sharing for personalization
  • Incentives that are most preferred by customers

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