Dos and Don'ts of TMS Selection and Implementation

Transportation management system software selection and implementation can be a daunting task for some companies, but there are several “do’s” and “don’ts” that can ensure the project goes smoothly.

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Building the Business Case For a TMS

Adoption of a TMS can provide many benefits to companies as they seek to improve their transportation management. A TMS provides improved transportation planning, optimization capabilities, increased accuracy upon execution, greater visibility to auxiliary carrier capacity, reduced maverick spend, greater visibility throughout the process, improved workflow management and exception handling, and improved auditing time and accuracy.

This white paper will address several “dos” and “don’ts” that will ensure the project goes smoothly. Some dos and don’ts to consider include:

  • Do conduct internal, on-site visits with the user-base to build out the requirements documents
  • Don’t rule out a multi-vendor solution
  • Do consider pulling a super-user from engineering or process improvement
  • Don’t underestimate integration requirements with both internal and external systems


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