Driving Retail Commerce and Customer Engagement with ERP Technology


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Driving Retail Commerce and Customer Engagement with ERP Technology

The seismic shift towards an omni-channel environment has presented retailers with new challenges regarding how they leverage enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology to execute an optimal customer engagement strategy. Now, more than ever, customers are firmly in control of the buying process: they are able to choose when and where they shop and buy. Furthermore, customers expect to receive a consistent and positive brand experience whether shopping at the store, or online via their personal computer or mobile device. With this in mind, leading retailers are leveraging ERP technology to not only operate and manage their businesses, but to also offer a consistent, optimal brand and sales experience to customers across all channels within the retail marketplace.

For the dynamic retailer, it is imperative to choose an ERP platform that enables improved customer loyalty through personalized shopping experiences, while also providing real-time visibility into the sales trends across each channel.

In this white paper, you will learn about:

  • The evolution of the retail experience and rise of the empowered consumer.
  • True omni-channel retail management.
  • Achieving omni-channel success through ERP.