Five Key Decisions to Make Before Moving from AX 2009/12 to Dynamics 365

Learn about the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365, along with the top five key decisions to consider before moving from Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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Learn the Top Five Key Decisions When Moving to D365

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Cover Image Moving from AX to D365

Everything You Need to Know When Moving to Dynamics 365

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is critical to uniting business functions. Microsoft Dynamics AX has been a popular choice as an ERP solution, but Microsoft’s support of the mature product is waning. Mainstream support for Microsoft Dynamics AX ended in April 2018 and extended support ends in October 2021. Many Dynamics AX users are moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365, a significantly more powerful ERP platform with greater functionality for warehouse, retail and call center environments.

Learn the five key decisions every business should consider before moving from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365:

  • Key Decision #1 – What custom software can be retired?
  • Key Decision #2 – Identify best of breed software for Dynamic 365

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