The Case for GS1 Adoption in Supply Chain

In the event of a recall, the need to quickly and accurately identify products at every stage in the supply chain is paramount; consumers demand safety, assurance and accountability from food manufacturers and suppliers.

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Learn why GS1 is the future for supply chain

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GS1 is the Future for Supply Chain

Today’s supply chain information and transactions are traded at lightning speeds. The necessity to quickly conform with the electronic communication standards has never been more critical. For standardized business communication, a well-established solution has finally emerged as the leader. Innovators and early adopters have realized the benefits of GS1 rules and standardization; those that are late adopters will be quickly left behind.

In this white paper, gain insight into:

  • GS1 In Supply Chain
  • The Framework For Communication
  • GLN And GTIN Best Practices
  • And more

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