How Small to Midsize Shippers Can Compete in Today’s Market

Identify the top four challenges and solutions needed for success.

The cost of shipping is on a steady incline as accessorials and peak and COVID-19 surcharges are added on top of contracted rates. Carrier rates and surcharges increased across the board from 2019 to 2020 and show no sign of decreasing in the future, and forty-foot containers from Asia to the United States have increased by more than 300 percent since 2020. In this white paper, learn how to compete more effectively in today's market.

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Learn the top four challenges and how to overcome them.

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The Cost of Shipping is on a Steady Incline

As small to midsize shippers experience unique challenges, they often must find creative and strategic ways to overcome them to compete with larger shippers and meet service level agreements to customers.

Even though small and midsize shippers are facing many of the same challenges without the firepower of volume, resources and spend at their disposal that many large shippers have, they can and should still combat these issues. Learn best practices and solutions for overcoming common challenges, including:

  • Organizational resources
  • Capacity constraints
  • And more

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