Integration Platform as a Service for OMS:
Why Should You Care?

In today’s retail market, it’s vital to have an order management systems (OMS) in place, but integration complexities can stand in the way – learn why you should care about integration platform as a service (IPaaS).

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IPaaS for order management system white paper

Solving Retail Challenges

Enterprise OMS platforms need to orchestrate orders but also orchestrate data, as well as monitor and manage the data flow between all endpoints. IPaaS for OMS can remove the burden from the customer by extending the REST APIs to the business and by mapping the data via its integration framework to the customer’s endpoints. 

In this white paper, you will: 

  • Understand present day commerce
  • Gain insight into shifting customer expectations
  • Explore the cost and complexity of OMS integration
  • Discover why businesses should care about IPaaS for OMS
  • Realize the importance of remaining innovative in today’s evolving retail environment

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