Keys to a Successful Dropship Implementation

Retailers are adapting their network for an omni-channel approach to enhance their customer experience and offer a wider online product assortment. Part of that process can include enabling vendors to dropship on their behalf. Manufacturers and distributors are looking to expand their sales channels; this can mean dropshipping on behalf of those retailers who are looking to expand their product assortments. Dropshipping can be a win-win for both retailers and manufacturers/distributors alike by increasing customer satisfaction, reducing inventory on-hand, and helping to drive sales and productivity.

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Keys for Retailers to Enable Dropship Programs

The increasing demand of consumers is driving retailers to focus more on their customers’ experience and service levels. If retailers can provide a great experience and service, it is likely to drive more revenue. One way retailers are becoming more innovative in their approach to delighting the customer is to enable their vendors to dropship on their behalf, which will increase the customer’s product and shipping options by not restricting the retailer to only using its existing facilities and distribution network.


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