The Manufacturer’s Pocket Guide to Industrial Robotics

Industrial robotics offer unparalleled precision, efficiency and safety in manufacturing environments. To fully realize the benefits of integrating industrial robotics into your facility, it is crucial to approach the implementation with a comprehensive understanding of the various systems available, their specific use cases and best practices for integration. 

In this pocket guide to industrial robotics, manufacturers will have access to all of the key information they should know when considering leveraging industrial robotics in their manufacturing environment.

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Industrial robotics are a subset of robotics systems that are leveraged for their strengths in precision and repetition. These types of robotics systems are leveraged largely in manufacturing environments, since the nature of much of the work at a manufacturing facility is strenuous, tedious work that can be easily automated with an industrial robotic system.

For tasks such as assembly, welding, material handling, packaging and inspection, industrial robotics is particularly useful. As with much of the emerging automation and robotic technology, it is not meant to replace the already existing workforce in the manufacturing facility, but rather to augment it.

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