Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management Module Versus Best-of-Breed

The decision between using a best-of-breed WMS and Microsoft’s warehouse management capabilities comes down to six factors during the WMS evaluation.

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D365 Warehouse Management Versus Best-of-Breed

Which Is Right For Your Business?

Five years ago, choosing a best-of-breed warehouse management system (WMS) over an enterprise resource planning (ERP) WMS like the Warehouse Management module in Dynamics 365 was commonplace in the market. Companies with multiple sales channels such as direct fulfillment, wholesale and store replenishment often required the advanced capabilities that a best-of-breed solution could provide.

Today, that decision is not so straightforward. As the advanced warehousing functionality of the Microsoft D365 Warehouse Management module has evolved to mirror some of the best-of-breed WMS capabilities, many leading companies are now seriously considering using Microsoft Advanced Warehousing as their main WMS capability. Explore six factors to consider:

  • Single Platform
  • Functionality
  • Productivity
  • Technology
  • Complimentary Software Products
  • Total Cost of Ownership

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