Optimal Omnichannel Strategy and Execution


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Delight Your Customers through Enterprise Commerce Management

To some practitioners, omnichannel synchronization is an esoteric term - just a label for describing what is occurring in today’s retail environment. However, it is much more than a label, it is the basis for maximizing sales and profitability across the retail enterprise. Therefore, we use the term Enterprise Commerce Management® (ECM) to describe what retailers need across process, people and technology.

ECM encompasses a strategy, set of processes, enabling applications, technology architecture, and organizational structure that come together to delight customers, foster brand loyalty and enable retailers to compete in today’s hyper-competitive environment. ECM provides complete inventory visibility, at the right level and at the right time; shares inventory across all channels; provides a single view of the customer; utilizes mobile for social and purchase; and allows fulfillment from any supply point.

ECM is breaking new ground and moving beyond static and transactional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for retailers and distributors.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How to develop a fully synchronized omnichannel strategy.
  • What is required from a process, service, business strategy, technology and organizational perspective.
  • The five pillars of omnichannel retail success.
  • enVista's CIO approach: Customer experience, Inventory and Orders.
  • The type of ROI you can expect from a fully synchronized omnichannel strategy.