Risk Mitigation for ERP Implementations


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Learn How to Avoid ERP Implementation Failure

There is much written about selecting an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). Equally important, however, is the implementation - merging the benefits of the software to best practices in your company.

To execute a successful ERP implementation, it is not only important to have executive buy-in, but it is also just as important to have the users on board. Often, ERP projects don't deliver because the knowledge workers who understand internal processes don't understand the capabilities of the new tool and therefore can't imagine a new way of doing things. This eBook, written by enVista's leading LEAN process expert, Nigel Cox, is a must-read for anyone about to install an ERP.

In this eBook, you will learn what to consider to reduce ERP implementation risks, including:

  • The importance of a core team and their buy-in
  • The role of client subject matter experts
  • Managing multiple project phases and readiness assessment

About the Author

nigel-cox_100Nigel Cox is Managing Partner and VP of Services for Enterprise Solutions at enVista. He is an established expert in Lean Principles, Quality, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing and Demand Planning. His experience spans a variety of industries and specialties that includes Engineer-to-order, Assemble-to-order, Semiconductor, Construction, Pulp and Paper, Textile and Apparel, Light Assembly and Fabrication. Cox is also Master Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX and is a respected expert, especially in Product Builder and Lean Manufacturing.

Nigel is a certified fellow in Production and Inventory Management, certified in Integrated Resource Management and has been involved for many years with APICS, delivering certification workshops and as a speaker. He also teaches bachelor level business administration classes.