Find the Money:
How a Transportation Spend & Revenue Diagram Can Help

The Spend & Revenue Diagram is a simple way to begin your strategic assessments; it is an easy to read, one page visual that helps you "find the money" in your transportation operations.

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Leaders in transportation look for ways to reduce costs while improving service levels as they conduct strategic assessments or design solutions. Using the Spend & Revenue Diagram to document freight flows and costs on a single page is the best way for a transportation team to collect data and focus their efforts; this will help to keep it simple, communicate the operation and costs to the executives, and prioritize efforts.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How developing a simple, one-page transportation Spend & Revenue Diagram can identify savings opportunities throughout your transportation operations
  • How to collect freight spend data to create the Spend & Revenue Diagram
  • How you can use a Spend & Revenue Diagram to lay out the subsequent steps for your strategic assessment 

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