The Future of Supply Chain Necessitates IOT Adoption

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The Future of Supply Chain Necessitates IOT Adoption

You have plenty of data, now what? In the age of interconnectedness, more and more people are finding themselves asking that question. Technology companies and research firms alike estimate the number of connected devices to be 20-50 billion by 2020. There has been a rapid increase in mobile computing, consumerization of IT and sensor technologies and big data analytics that all work together to push Internet of Things (IOT) adoption. That is leading to an astounding amount of information at our disposal, but for what?

In this enSight white paper, the stages of analytics and how IOT can help with:

  • Predicting equipment failures
  • Protecting the cold chain
  • Blockchain and IIOT
  • Public transportation
  • Asset and associate tracking
  • Smart shopping