The Hidden Value in SAP's EWM: Labor Management

Use EWM's labor management feature to unlock your full potential.

A warehouse management system (WMS) is one of the most common and valuable warehouse investments a company can make. That much is considered a universal truth. What many companies do not know is that while a WMS delivers significant benefits as a standalone solution, most companies achieve far greater results when a WMS is integrated with a workforce management program.

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A WMS automates, controls and tracks the transfer and storage of goods in a warehouse.

However, it stops short of optimizing the labor processes and people working alongside the WMS. Thus, the benefits of a WMS can be amplified with the use of a workforce management program, including a labor management system (LMS). A workforce management program enables what is called a “people strategy” and centers on making the entire warehouse operation more productive and efficient.

A successful workforce management program can result in an annual labor savings of 15–20 percent. Results often include:

  • Improved warehouse associate productivity
  • Increased utilization of warehouse labor
  • Identification of non-productive time (indirect time)
  • Reduction of overtime
  • Lowered total labor costs

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