Are You Measuring Up to the Competition? 

Compare your distribution center (DC) throughput metrics to similar facilities and industries to see how your operations are measuring up in our 2024 Throughput Benchmark Guide.

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How Efficient Are Your Operations?

One way of measuring distribution center efficiency is by throughput – a measure of how quickly and efficiently inventory moves through a facility. This can also provide information on how well a business’ people, processes and technology are working together. Benchmarking offers the ability to compare similar process throughputs to your competition and compare the productivity of your DC to competitors’ facilities based on region, market, equipment, process type and more.

  • View competitor data and compare similar process throughputs to your competition to measure where your operating processes stand against industry norms
  • Determine where your business stands and how to make improvements through comparative benchmarks
  • Unlock the potential to increase productivity and efficiency by making changes to your operation, such as material handling equipment (MHE) and technology upgrades

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