The Power of Value Stream Mapping


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The Power of Value Stream Mapping

For the Lean Corporation, "Value Stream Mapping" (VSM) is a diagnostic tool which helps identify the waste throughout the supply chain.

VSM uses the Lean language to identify the process steps, time, labor and space utilization, throughput and other critical measures along the value stream. It also helps divisions or supply chain partners understand the impact of their own actions on others.

The Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) model sets the path to develop a Value Stream Map. Its phases are:

  • Define the goals of the improvement activity, and incorporate into a project charter.
  • Measure the existing system.
  • Analyze the system to identify ways to eliminate the gap between the current performance of the system or process and the desired goal.
  • Improve the system.
  • Control the new system.

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