Warehouse Space Calculator

Calculate how much warehouse space is needed – use this tool to quickly estimate your distribution footprint based on your specific inventory and operational requirements. Alternatively, determine the number of pallet positions a given size facility can accommodate through “what-if” scenarios within the model.

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Optimize Your DC Operations

Efficient warehouse space management is crucial for the success of your business. Overestimate, and you waste money on unnecessary space. Underestimate, and you risk overcrowding, inefficiency and lost revenue. Our Warehouse Space Calculator takes the guesswork out of the equation, providing you with an estimate tailored to your needs.

Use enVista's warehouse space calculator tool to quickly calculate how much distribution space is needed based on parameters such as number of pallets, storage percentage footprint and more. The tool can also be used to determine the number of pallet positions that can fit within a given building footprint by iterating inputs until the outputs are of the desired size range.

Simply fill out the form and identify parameters to view your required storage space range and overall warehouse space range. Have questions or need more information? Contact us today.

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Maximize Operational Efficiency

Finding the right warehouse space for your inventory is crucial for the seamless operation and growth of your business. An appropriately-sized warehouse ensures that your products are stored efficiently and safely, reducing the risk of damage and facilitating quick access for order fulfillment. It helps in optimizing your supply chain, cutting down on unnecessary handling and transportation costs and improving overall operational efficiency. Additionally, the right warehouse space accommodates your inventory's specific requirements, such as climate control or hazardous material handling, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and maintaining product integrity. Proper space allocation also allows for scalability, enabling your business to expand without frequent, disruptive relocations. Ultimately, a well-chosen warehouse space not only supports your current needs but also positions your business for future success.

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