What's the Big Data Deal?


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How Shippers can Turn Big Data into a Big Asset

Companies must understand what exactly big data means and how it affects their operations. Transportation teams, who deal with thousands of shipments with multiple data points per shipment, are impacted greatly by big data. Without properly harnessing big data, it is almost impossible for a shipper to glean any worthwhile information from the wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.

It is not enough for companies to merely have an understanding of what big data is; they must also have the proper data management strategy in place in order to best utilize the information that is available to them.

In this enVista white paper, big data is defined and the challenges that come with it will be laid out. You will also learn:

  • What is the impact of big data on businesses?
  • What is the best data management strategy to deal with big data as your company, and the sources of your data, grows?
  • What are the best practices for harnessing big data?