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Successfully navigate the freight audit and payment (FAP) selection process and ensure all requirements important to your business are documented in the selection process using our RFP.

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Making Complex Selections Easier 

Outsourcing the audit and payment function is a common approach for shippers looking to gain more control of their freight payables process, improve visibility to their expenses and increase insight into savings opportunities.

To ensure the right solution is selected, it is important that the key product, functional, technical and resource requirements are outlined in your questionnaire. Determining the requirements for a proposal that are most important to your business is a very important step in the RFP process.

In the Freight Audit and Payment RFP, you will find questions such as: 

  • What percent of the transactions are processed via EDI?
  • How does your company provide visibility to the invoice process? How do we see where an invoice is in the processing pipeline? 
  • How do you secure data? Do you provide any type of encryption of sensitive information such as bank accounts, etc.?

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